Welcome to our Web Site

We  BUY and sell Vintage, Classic, Antique Motorcycles

At “Old Motorcycles for Sale” we strive to offer bikes in Good to Excellent condition

We put a lot of ground work in so you get the best bikes

English, American, Japanese, Italian, German etc. etc. Whatever we can get our hands on

Road Bikes, Trials Bikes, Scramblers, MX’ers. We don’t care as long as it’s OLD. (and good)

We also BUY and SELL: Old parts, Old Tools and Old signs.

Old cars are also considered for purchase

All of the bikes that we currently have for sale are running and they are  of GREAT quality and condition, all are suitable/eligible to be club registered.

We have a fantastic range of Classics for you to choose from

Invest in a Classic bike, better than money in the bank…
you get to enjoy it while it appreciates !!

All our imported bikes come with import approval our bikes are NOT subject to ADR due to their age.


We sell a full range of SRM products, we can’t stock everything, so parts may need to be ordered in

And, some parts will may need to be manufactured.

So please call first before ordering. Andrew: 0402840018

Halcyon Products 

We offer the full Halcyon product range.

We can get all products in 7 days.

For ALL orders within Australia you must please call to confirm 

Used Parts

We have a selection of used parts for sale,

At the moment we have BSA parts to sell.

If you have any old motorcycles, parts, tools, signs, cars for sale please give us a call on 0402840018